Welcome to Fruishi Franchise!

If you believe that you have the financial capacity and business experience needed to invest in a Fruishi franchise, let us work with you to become a Fruishi franchisee.

Apply to be a Fruishi Franchisee

We need to know about you and how we can contact you. Complete the Fruishi Franchise questionnaire.

Submit a Fruishi business plan

Once we have received and reviewed your Fruishi Franchise questionnaire, we will contact you directly and provide you with the information you need to proceed further (disclosure documentation, if applicable) and prepare a Fruishi business plan. We have some basic information and software that will help you.

Meet with Fruishi

In the development of your Fruishi business plan, it is likely that we will have already met with you in your market. We recommend that you visit Fruishi so that you can better understand Fruishi and how we like to work with our franchise partners.

Fruishi Franchise Review Board approval process

Your request to be a Fruishi franchisee must go before our Franchise Review Board for approval.

Sign a Fruishi Master Franchise and Development Agreement

Once our Fruishi Franchise Review Board has approved your application, we will work with you to understand and sign the Master Franchise and Development Agreement.